The West Dakota Energy Association is an organization located in Dickinson, ND that helps to manage road restrictions and oil and gas related activity in western North Dakota. The WDEA was looking for a solution to help them manage road restrictions in the Bakken Oil Field.

The Objective

At the height of oil activity in the Bakken oilfield, infrastructure and weight restriction enforcement and weight restriction management was out of control. The West Dakota Energy Association needed a system for adding, removing and editing road restrictions so that drivers and energy professionals could use a map based solution to identify where and when road restrictions were applied.

The Solution

Through our years of experience working with oilfield services and logistics companies, we were able to effectively collaborate with the WDEA and their partners to arrive at a custom solutions that solved their management problem and provided meaningful data to their partners. Built with Node.JS and Amazon AWS (Docker and Beanstalk), we were able to build a scalable system that provides speed, reliability and high-availability.

West Dakota Energy Association Web App Feature

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